Junanadh Junior Chember Education Trust Sanchalit Law College Was Established In 1969. Law college started functioning,the only law college in those day offering co-education and imparting education opportunities to young

Mr.Nanjibhai Vekariya

generation to the under able guidance and leadership of Ex.M.P Mr.Nanjibhai Vekariya A Precident of the Trust.
       JJCET Law College and N.R. Vekariya Master Of Law College is Part of Junagadh Junior Chember Education Trust.It Is Affiliated Bhakt Kavi Narsinh Mehta University Junagadh And Approved By 'BCI' Istitute aims a Creating First Generation Lawyers For Society.


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Mr.Nanjibhai Vekariya

(Ex.M.P. Junagadh)

(B.A, LL.B)


“Advocacy is the royal profession”
“A devoted professional with well defined ideological orientations Graduate and Post graduate, our goal is to create a federal legal research and professional study oriented environment in all the legal-professional fields.”

I am glad to state that our institute is actual performing an excellent human behavior..........
“ Human being has no social identity without education, quality education not only secures the future of the students but also adds immense strength to the future of the society ” for the judicial world. Our professional faculty members are capable to train students to scope up with the dynamic needs of legal and judicial sector. We provide complete infrastructure to carry our teaching and other related activities. I am confident that we will continue to add more feature in the cap of our achievements. I assure all kind of support to the LL.B – LL.M faculty to do all possible for the bright future of our all students.


Dr. Parvez M.Bloch

Principal /HOD


Teaching, the noblest of professions is facing lot of challenges today, as never before.

      In the journey towards realization of goal in education, the professor’s role is of prime importance. It is the supreme art of professor to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. The professors are the people who dispel darkness from the lives of the student and work devotedly to lighten their future.

      To bring any change, firstly we must adopt the change, not simply of repeating what other generations have done and we, act our college, take care of the true purpose of education and provide every opportunity to our students to grow in every field and we direct them.

      Education is the continuous pursuit of excellence. It is incumbent on every individual or organization that promotes education, to see that all initiatives and reforms are directed towards striving for excellence in all our endeavor. We, at the law College, continuously aim at involving new strategies to make education holistic Our College is playing a dynamic role through co-operation and collaboration in the task of transforming and rejuvenating the goals of education.
      Each and every person comes in the world with some special ability and our college efforts to find out the same and we try to reach their destiny we follow the true purpose of the education

      the words of Albert Einstein, “I never teach my student, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Is what true education for life is all about Our College is trying to provide the healthy natural environment to the students.

      Our culture has preserved the world; this world also belongs to this world. Our education should be ours connected with our Indian culture, method of education should not be exclusive it should be Elastible; Importance is to get the earning capacity by the students.

Education is not an only an information, it is a method which plays the important role for the development of the students.